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  • Trends: 3D ultrafine fiber (6mm ultra-thin style )
  • Material: Polyester fibre,Cotton
  • -Advantages: moisture, non-slip, anti-static, wear-resistant, easy to clean, cost-effective.
  • -Scope: living room, bedroom, bedside den, porch computer chairs, children's room, etc..
  • -About the color
  • Since the scanning and shooting other reasons
  • such as the occurrence of physical and picture is slightly different
  • please in kind color prevail
  • color carpet industry regulations in the normal allowable range
  • please understand, thanks
  • -About cleaning
  • Users are prohibited from water immersion, it is recommended to wacuuming or wipe with a wet rag, dry naturally
  • -About odor
  • Due to prolonged transport, seals, open ventilation when you receive the product, taste quickly cleared
  • Products have passed environmental testing, please feel at ease
  • *We have rich experience on carpet custom*
  • *If you need to customize, please feel free to contact us *
  • Please be sure to buy the exact size of the product, please do not imagine to buy, thank you for your understanding.
  • Special Note:
  • Due to the international logistics and transportation reasons, single length is limited to 60CM, we have to fold it. (Unless you can choose E-EMS, its single long limit at 150CM) Please consider carefully when buying, thank you for your understanding and support !
  • ​ 1 foot (ft)= 12 inches(in) ,1 inches (in)=2.54 cm ,1 cm=10mm
  • 1 foot (ft)= 12 inches(in)=30.48cm=304.8mm
  • 1 mm=0.0393701 inches (in)=0.0032808 foot (ft)
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