Brushed Nickel 16-inch LED Shower Head Bathroom Ceiling/Wall Mounted Rain Square Sprayer Shower Head




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  • Commitment: 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Description
  • Type: Bath Rainfall Shower Head
  • Style: Modern Square
  • Shower Head: Rainfall
  • Shower head Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shower Head Size: 16-inch (40cm *40cm)
  • Connection: Standard G1/2
  • Can be installed wall mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Showerhead fits standard U.S. plumbing connections.
  • 1.8 gpm flow control;Offer consistent powerful spray performance.
  • The LED lights will automatically light up when you start shower and set the mood. They will even change colors automatically as water temperature goes high or low. No need for any batteries, everything is self-powered by a built in dynamo that takes advantage of the water pressure to create the energy to light the bulbs.
  • 0-30 degrees: Blue LED
  • 30-40 degrees: Green LED
  • 41-50 degrees: Red LED
  • 50-100 degrees: Flashing Red LED
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