2pcs Portable Bath Grab Bar Handle Bathroom Shower Tub Handgrip 30cm





Product type:

Vendor: Bathmatpro

Tags: shower curtain



  • Package inclue:
  • 2 X Shower Handle
  • * This is a brand new and high quality Shower Handle.
  • * Suitable for bath or shower for extra security.
  • * Ideal for securely to any vertical or horizontal surface in seconds.
  • * No Installation required, no drilling or holes
  • * Can easily be removed and relocated.
  • * Flip-up tabs create vacuum to securely hold the handle in place.
  • Direction:
  • Step1. The item must be mounted on a clean,smooth ,non porous surface.Ensure the surface is in good comdition and clean using non abrasive soap and water.
  • Step2. Inspect the rubber suction pads to ensure they are smooth and free from defects.Clean using on abrasive soap and water.
  • Step3. Ensure the suction cup os wholly within the tile and does not cross any grout lines.
  • Step4. With the tabs in the raised poisiton,press the Bath or Shower Support Bar firmly on to the surface.This will expel air from under the suction cup.
  • Step5. Press the tabs all the way down to ensure an air tight seal.
  • Step6. Repeat Step4 and Step5 on the other side of the Support Bar.
  • Step7. Ensure the Support Bar is securely attached before use.
  • NOTE
  • Ensure you have read the installation warnings and instructions prior use.