180x180cm Shower Curtain Toilet Seat Cover Non-Slip Pedestal Rug Toilet Seat Cover Bath Mat +12x Plastic Hook




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Vendor: Bathmatpro

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  • Specification:
  • Product Name: Shower Curtain
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pattern: Sun Flower & Butterfly
  • Shown Curtain Size: 180*180cm
  • Pedestal Rug Size: 49*39cm
  • Toilet Seat Cover Size: 44*38cm
  • Bath Mat: 75*44cm
  • **Suitable for use in home bathrooms and to decorate the bathroom.
  • Shower Curtain Features:
  • -Waterproof material, quick-drying after bathing, no mold, and long service life.
  • -Fresh patterns, beautiful and elegant, add personality to the shower curtain, attracting eyeballs.
  • -The size is right, it is very suitable to cover the sight and make bathing more comfortable.
  • -Comes with a C-shaped curtain hook.
  • -Designed to fit standard bathtubs.
  • -Prevent water from splashing out of the shower.
  • 3xCover Features:
  • -Easily absorb water and dust, good non-slip property.
  • -Non-slip and absorb water, not easy to lose hair.
  • -Plum blossom point plastic bottom, wear-resistant, no damage to the floor.
  • Package Includes:
  • 1x Non-Slip Pedestal Rug
  • 1x Toilet Seat Cover
  • 1x Bath Mat
  • 1x 180*180cm Shower Curtain
  • 12x Plastic Hook